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iPhone Repair Thame

Looking for the best iPhone repair company Thame?

Working within the mobile repair industry for numerous years in Thame we have a deep understanding of the problems faced by iPhone users such as a cracked screen or a pesky volume button that has become stuck.

Now let me introduce you to a wonderful and incredibly professional company called iMend. These guys operate on a whole different level from the standard repair company. iMend covers everywhere in the UK including Thame and repair pretty much all devices at a low price with the Highest standard of repair possible. We decided to share our research and findings about iMend with you. Saving you from searching for the best iPhone repair company in Thame.

Below we are going to tell you all about this fantastic company, but if you cant wait then head on over to iMend and hear it from iMend themselves. Just click the lovely button below.
Here's a little example for you, I've just smashed my iPhone screen and have rendered my iPhone inoperable. I love my phone and I can't be without it. Would I rather scout about trying to find an iPhone repair shop, wasting time and money travelling from point A to point B. Or would I rather have someone come to me and repair it while I sit in comfort allowing me to be lazy and watch TV. I’d take the second one any day and have done so. It's simply a hassle free way to get my iPhone repaired.

Still with me? Good. Let me tell you how they work. You Book a Repair with them either through their site or you can give them a call. Next an iTech will contact you shortly afterwards to set up a time and a place that is ideal for you, be it your Home, Office or that comfy little Coffee Shop down the road.

Bish bash bosh your lovely iPhone is as good as new. That is it, its really as simple as that. An iTech will come to you wherever and whenever that suits you best and repair your trusty iPhone in roughly 30 mins (speedy if you don't mind me saying so).

iMend is very upfront with their pricing and are incredibly cost effective service they offer. No one in Thame offers a service quite like iMend does. and have no hidden costs, which is fantastic. They offer the Best Price with the Highest possible standard of repair in Thame.

iMend also offers a 12 month warranty on all repairs which is the best we have seen in Thame and alone is a fantastic reason to use iMend. Coupled with a No Fix, No Fee Guarantee there is really no reason why you haven’t already got your iPhone repaired with iMend. So go on, click the smexy button below and book that repair, the sooner you do it the sooner you can have your iPhone back in your hands. So hurry on up and get clicking.
Every repair is carried out by an iTech. I looked into what kind of training they go through and oh boy its pretty rigorous. But that's good for the customers, the higher the training the better service that can be given. WIth thousands of iTechs all over the UK with such a high level of training, you are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied with your repair.

If you don't feel comfortable meeting with an iTech or there simply isn't a time or place that suits you, iMend still offers the traditional method of repair. You can mail your device to them. They offer next day delivery that is tracked and insured. Letting you know where your device is at all times and in the incredibly rare event something happens you are covered for the cost of your device. That's a fantastic offer right there. When choosing this method you will be informed by iMend to backup all your data before you send it to them. This is a good habit to get into with all your devices.

As I have mentioned before iMend technicians have carried out thousands of repairs on all sorts of devices such as Apple iPhones, Sony Xperias, Samsung Galaxies, HTC Devices, Nokia Lumia, Google phones, LG devices and more. iMend has got you covered for whatever issue you have. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t believe me then head on over to iMends Trustpilot page and have a gander at customer reviews here.

Most Popular iPhone Repairs Thame

Thame iPhone repair reviews

iMends customers love them! Below is a just some of iMends reviews for Thame. Visit iMends trustpilot to see more. There will be no doubt in your mind after that iMend is the best company in Thame to use for iPhone screen repair.

Looking for iPhone repair / iPhone screen repair Thame

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iMend in the Press

iMend are a powerhouse in Thame and Phone repair in the UK. They cover basically everywhere. As you can imagine a company like them has picked up traction in the Media. They have been mentioned and talked about in various publications such as Mens Health, G Q, Good Housekeeping, Express, Daily Star to name but a few. Click here for a full list.

Student Discount

This one we love, iMend offers a 10% discount to students. That’s fantastic, we all know that as students we are cash strapped an often drop our devices. When I was a student I needed my phone for everything. Music, drunken selfies and even coursework. iMend are looking out for students by offering this deal. If you are a student then this should really make your mind up. Not only are they already really cost efficient but are even more so if you are currently a student. It's really a no brainer.

iMend for Businesses

If you have a small, medium or a large business with many employees using company phones, well guess what. One of those people is going to unfortunately damage a device. Once again iMend has your business covered. They offer discounts depending on the volume of repairs needed. Naturally all the other amazing offers things iMend do comes as standard. No upfront costs as you can arrange an invoice with iMend and pay at a later date. All of this means less downtime for your employees and ensures that your company data is safe and secure. Such a bargain for any business nowadays.

Also as a business it's not unusual to replace older models of phones with newer models. But the issue then is you are left with loads of old devices. This is not a problem though as iMend has a sister site that enables businesses to bulk sell their ageing devices safely and also offers a great price for them. If that has you interested then pop on over to Sell My Mobile.