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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I Unlock my iPhone?
The main reason is you want to use a different network than your iPhone is locked to. However unlocking your phone has other benefits, it increases its resell value if you ever want to trade it in for a better model. It also enables your device to be used worldwide, so if your going out of the country it eliminates big roaming charges by enabling you to use a local carrier within the country.
2How much will it cost to unlock my iPhone?
Prices vary depending on the model of your iPhone and network it's locked to currently. For example to unlock an iPhone 4 from O2 tends to be cheaper than to unlock an iPhone 6S from Vodafone. To see our prices click on the Book Now! tab higher on this page.
3How long will it take to unlock my iPhone?
The time it takes to unlock your iPhone depends on the network it's locked to. An iPhone unlock service for a fairly modern iPhone model usually takes between 1-8 working days depending on your carrier.
4Can I still use my iPhone during the iPhone Unlock process
Yes you can. Your iPhone will work perfectly as normal at all points, from the purchase of the iPhone unlock to completion. Once your iPhone is unlocked we will cemail you to let you know.
5How do I find my IMEI number?
All we need to unlock your iPhone is the IMEI number. This can be found within the iPhone by dialing *#06#. You simply place the IMEI number in the notes section at checkout of your iPhone unlock.
6Is unlocking my iPhone permanent?
Yes, as soon as we've unlocked your phone, it will stay that way forever. Your unlock will never expire.
7When can you not unlock an iPhone?
For security reasons we can't unlock an iPhone if it has been reported as lost or stolen. This can sometimes be an issue if you've bought a second hand phone online and the seller didn't make you aware. If you are unsure you can contact us and we'll do a check online for free.
8Do I have to pay for my iPhone unlocking online?
Online payment is the easiest option, but if you prefer to pay in person and you're in the Omagh area you can pop into our iPhone repair shop in Omagh town centre.
9Is it legal to unlock my iPhone?
The short answer and simple answer is yes. We operate only within the confines of the law. If unlocking iPhones ever becomes illegal we won't be doing it anymore.

About our Swift iPhone Unlock Service

Swift iPhone Repair is a locally recommended iPhone Repair Service in Omagh. As we specialise in iPhones we are able to offer a very affordable, fast and permanent network unlock for all iPhones. We have designed our service around you not even having to bring your iPhone to us, we do it all remotely, so your iPhone never even has to leave your hand! All we need is the IMEI number off the back of your iPhone, or you can type *#06* into your iPhone and will give you the IMEI number.
We process your Unlock as soon as it comes in and takes usually 1-8 working days to complete. We will let you know as soon as its activated by email. .

We’ve done all sorts of iPhone and mobile phone unlocks in Omagh as well as from all over the UK and Ireland, including Dublin, Belfast, Derry Limerick, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and much more. So for a fast, permanent and remote iPhone Unlock, book today!

Customer Reviews from Trustpilot

"Absolutely great service. Good communication and status updates. Received what I paid for withing just a few days and without absolutely any problem. I can fully recommend this company!"

Marcel Stasiak -Trustpilot

"The service was brilliant, I would definitely recommend the staff in there to fix your phone, I will always bring my phone here to get it fixed again, my phone was fixed quickly as well which was great"

Sara McCullagh -Trustpilot

"Really impressed by the swiftness, the technical Kieran was also really nice and was great at communicating what was in progress, would definitely use again."

Yadd Krishnakumar -Trustpilot