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iPhone Water Damage Repair

£30.00 £19.99

*First of all please turn your iPhone off immediately and don’t turn it on again as this can cause further damage. It is important to keep it off and get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.*

All you need to do is: –

  1. Book the repair here online. You will receive a confirmation email with our UK address and all instructions needed.
  2. Post your iPhone to us.
  3. 99% of our water damage repairs are completed and returned within a few days.
  4. Your repaired iPhone is returned via Royal Mail tracked and insured delivery.



If you think your iPhone is damaged from any liquid or water then book this repair. Water damage repairs are not always successful but as this is one of our specialties, our customers have always been very happy with our success rate.

The £19.99 is to cover the time our technicians spend taking the iPhone apart and treating all components individually to find out which parts need to be replaced. Once we know what needs to be replaced, we will contact you to let you know the cost of these parts, we will then subtract the £19.99 from your total bill and only charge you for parts. For example if you dropped your iPhone 5 in water, purchase this, if we find the iPhone only needed a new screen and internal water damage treatment we will only charge for the screen and not the water damage repair. So minus the water damage repair cost, you would only £50 in total, as this is the price of a new screen.

However it may be the case your iPhone is too severely water damaged and nobody can bring it back to life. If this is this case, water damage repairs are the only repair that is not covered by our no fix no fee policy as our technicians can in some cases spend up to a week trying to get your iPhone to work again. With water damaged iPhones we have roughly an 85% success rate, as long as the motherboard is not fried we can get it going again.